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 "Carrie is a professional and extemely gifted massage therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone considering massage. I personally recommend massage for chronic pain and stress. I have had chronic pain for 20 years; and as a business owner have plenty of stress too! Massage (and Chiropractic) have improved my life dramatically, by pain reduction and less illness, since making it a regular routine four years ago.  If you're tired of the pain and everything conventional medicine has offered you without great results - you owe it to yourself to visit My Sabai and find your bodies bliss!    - Yvonne M"


"I had been dealing with chronic back pain which left me unable to stand for any length of time and thought surgery was my only option.  I started massage with Carrie on a regular basis and did my "homework" in-between sessions.  I am now able to stand and sit without the pain I had previously.  In the last month I only had one bad day and I truly believe I found a solution which wasn't surgery."  - Al H.

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